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Does your organisation require a product specific performance or frequency characteristics to suit your project? 

Why not chat to one of of Design Engineers, to see if we can help.

With our new capabilities in mechatronics, antenna modelling software, and CNC, we can custom design / manufacture antenna systems and any associated control electronics.


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About Us

Local & International Enquiries welcome - We Express Ship Worldwide.

We pride ourselves in being an approachable, reliable and responsive company.

All Bushcomm products are manufactured in our West Australian engineering works.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification 

Our Services

We have a wide, specialised HF / VHF  Antenna range:
* HF base Station Horizontal Dipole antennas
* Vertical Base station Antennas
* Compact HF Antennas for Limited Spaces
* Lightweight Portable HF Antenna systems 
* High Power 30-200Mhz Discone Antennas
* Magnetic Loop HF Designs
* Portable and fixed Tower / Mast systems

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  • Brisbane, Qld (Sales): +61 7 3118 5265
  • Perth, WA (Manufacture): +61 8 9378 4470
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